Comply with all UK legal requirements with Sivatech’s fire training courses

It’s essential to know and understand the basics of fire training for your employees in the workplace. Prevention is one of the most critical aspects of fire safety. It not only protects your building from damage, but it also protects your staff and saves lives.
UK Fire regulations state that a fire risk assessment must be conducted and recorded if you employ five or more people on the premises. However, it is good practice to keep up-to-date records of incident reports and fire risk assessments for any workplace size.

Why Fire Safety Training with Sivatech?

Sivatech offers a structured and comprehensive range of fire safety training. These courses provide quality training and are designed to help your organisation protect its employees and business, and meet the requirements of The Regulatory Reform.

Fully qualified fire officers conduct all of our intensive training courses from Fire Training Bucks & MK. They can be delivered at our fully equipped Aylesbury facility or on the premises of your workplace. We can also provide customised courses that are deliberately tailored to meet your specific needs.

What courses do we offer?

Sivatech has developed three Fire Safety Training courses to meet your needs. Whether you’re a business, a school, or a fire warden, we’ve got you covered.

After Fire Safety Training with Sivatech, your team will:

  • Be aware of the dangers of fire
  • Understand the nature of fire and how it spreads
  • Be aware of simple fire prevention measures
  • Understand what to do in the event of a fire alarm
  • Be equipped to perform their fire safety duties

How you will be evaluated:

  • A practical fire fighting exercise will be carried out to evaluate the candidates’ understanding of the studied content
  • Upon completion, all candidates will receive a certificate of attendance

Who should attend:

All employees as part of their induction or continuation training. (Staff with specific duties in the event of a fire should attend the Fire Warden course)

Consider our Fire Warden Training Course

This course meets the minimum requirements under the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997. However, organisations that wish to benefit from a greater understanding of fire hazards, fire prevention, fire safety training should consider the Fire Warden Training Course.

What is covered in these courses?

Depending on the extent of the chosen course, candidates can expect training in the following Fire Training skills:
  • Fire Precautions Act 1971
  • Requirements of the Fire Certificate
  • Fire Precautions (Workplace) Act 1997
  • Fire procedures in the workplace
  • Basic fire prevention
  • Responding to the fire alarm
  • Responding to an outbreak of fire
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers
  • Building fire protection
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Practical fire fighting of live fire

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Is fire safety training a legal requirement?

Employers in the UK are legally required by law to provide fire training for their employees. That includes providing information and instruction about fire safety to all staff.

Where can I go for training?

Sivatech’s training courses can take place either at your premises or at our fully equipped training centre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. If you’re hoping to bring your team to our facility, here are some common locations that our clients travel from and their respective approximate distances from us:
Central London

1 hr 15 mins (54.4 mi) via M25 and A41 OR by train + taxi

Leighton Buzzard

28 mins (11.8 mi) via A418


32 mins (16.4 mi) via A41

High Wycombe

32 mins (17.0 mi) via A413

Hemel Hempstead

33 mins (20.1 mi) via A41

Milton Keynes

42 mins (20.9 mi) via A413


42 mins (22.3 mi) via A418


45 mins (25.8 mi) via A41


50 mins (33.6 mi) via A421


1 hr 10 mins (34.5 mi) via A5

Greater London

1 h 40 mins (77.6 mi) via M25 and A41

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