Whatever you need, Sivatech has the right Driver CPC course for you

35 hours of training are required to receive your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), and it must be renewed every five years. We offer regularly scheduled 7-hour courses and a flexible, cost-effective option for you to provide your drivers with sufficient training.
You will be fully trained by highly qualified instructors. Once you’ve completed 35 hours of training in total, you will receive a card directly from the DSA, and a certificate for each training day that you attended.

Benefits of our CPC training course:

  • You’ll save costs by avoiding hefty fines
  • Your drivers will be trained by highly skilled instructors
  • Our 7 hour slots make it easy to complete one day of training each year
  • Drivers with professional training will create a better image for your business

Your Driver CPC Training is a legal requirement

By law, a Driver CPC is required for all lorry drivers. Not having one can result in a fine of £1000 for you and £1000 for your company. It can also result in losing your commercial licence to drive an LGV, HGV or PCV.

Where can I go for training?

Sivatech's CPC training can take place either at your premises or at our fully equipped training centre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. If you’re hoping to bring your team to our facility, here are some common locations that our clients travel from and their respective approximate distances from us:
Central London

1 hr 15 mins (54.4 mi) via M25 and A41 OR by train + taxi

Leighton Buzzard

28 mins (11.8 mi) via A418


32 mins (16.4 mi) via A41

High Wycombe

32 mins (17.0 mi) via A413

Hemel Hempstead

33 mins (20.1 mi) via A41

Milton Keynes

42 mins (20.9 mi) via A413


42 mins (22.3 mi) via A418


45 mins (25.8 mi) via A41


50 mins (33.6 mi) via A421


1 hr 10 mins (34.5 mi) via A5

Greater London

1 h 40 mins (77.6 mi) via M25 and A41

Other Sivatech Training Programs

At Sivatech, we have a multitude of clients from different backgrounds. In order to meet all of your different needs, we’ve created a diverse catalogue of courses for you to explore.

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